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The Best Indoor Plants

by Team Frey Realtors 09/08/2019

Indoor plants bring an air of freshness and vitality to every home, if you live in a neighborhood that doesn't have a lot of vegetation, then having plants at home is something that you should consider, giving their ability to detoxify the air and give off oxygen. These are some of the best indoor plants that you should consider having, they are low maintenance, but the value they add is worth it a thousand times over.

  1. Aloe Vera Plant. The aloe plant is known for the many healing properties of its gel, which helps to soothe burns and cuts on the body. That aside, the aloe plant is a good monitor of the quality of air within a home – once you see its leaves giving off brown spots, then you know there are quite a number of toxins in the air.
  2. Chinese Evergreen. This plant can survive in environments that have either natural or artificial lights. It can also grow in both low and high humidity, making it the best option for people who live in apartment buildings that don’t get to see a lot of sunlight.
  3. Snake Plants. Snake plants require only a little amount of care and attention from you. Ideally watered sparingly, only when the soil water has thoroughly dried should more be added. They also grow well in indirect light and release oxygen during the night, unlike most plants that do so in the day time so it might be a good addition for your bedroom.
  4. Golden Pothos. Scientists have long identified the golden pothos as one plant that can remove formaldehyde from the atmosphere. They grow very well in low temperatures and don’t require a high amount of sunlight to thrive. You can place them as a hanging plant in your den or living area.
  5. Weeping Fig. The weeping fig does well with bright sunlight, but it’s better if it’s indirect. It’s rather common to have it in the living room. It requires just a little water every other day to keep the soil moist.
  6. Cacti. The cactus plant is very well known for its ability to thrive in low water conditions, so it requires only a little amount of intense care and attention in your home. You should, however, water it at least once a week.

Having any of these plants is definitely sure to improve the quality of air in your home for good.

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